VoIP Services

As a Gold Coast VoIP provider, iMSP can show your business how to save money on your phone calls by using Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for your calls. Our experienced Gold Coast consultants have the ability to set your company up with VoIP and we will also provide reliable maintenance and support you can count on.
We hear horror stories from companies who find that whenever there is a VoIP issue, the equipment or service providers all refuse to accept the blame and sort out the issue. As your VoIP Provider, and a “one stop” provider for all your IT, Data and Telecommunication needs, iMSP is happy to be fully accountable for any problems which occur; thus ensuring our clients will only need to make one call if any issues arise.
Call our iMSP’s Gold Coast office today for information on how we can ‘hook you up’ and start saving you money!
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