Regularly backing up your business and/or personal data is an important habit worthy of developing to the point of almost being OCD about it. Why is it so important and what are the best options available for backing up?


You Don’t Want To Lose All Of Your Precious Data

This is especially critical for businesses, but also important for your personal files at home as well. If all of your data and files are stored on one computer’s hard drive and nowhere else, what happens if something goes wrong with that computer? Say you accidentally spill a glass of water all over your laptop and fry the circuitry. What then? If you haven’t got your data backed up anywhere, then you have nothing. Sure, there is a chance of recovering the data from the hard drive, but that’s not absolute.

Another scenario is fire. If your computer gets burned to the ground and your hard drive is completely destroyed, then there’s no chance of recovering any data from it.


Back Up In Several Places

Doing regular backups is essential. It’s a contingency plan in the event of some sort of disaster when it comes to protecting your precious data and files. Backing up to one source is better than nothing, but what you really want to do – the ideal scenario – is to have backups to several different sources in different locations.


Back Up To Hard Drives

Back up your data and files regularly to several portable hard drives. Store one near your computer and the other at another location if possible. This gives you several copies to safeguard your data in case there is ever a problem. It’s also not internet-based, so if for some reason the internet is down or you can’t get online, you can still access your back ups.


Back Up To Cloud Services

Backing up to the cloud (to a server over the internet) is another fantastic option to safeguard everything you’ve worked so hard on. It also means another copy of your data and files stored away from your place of work. If you have backed up to cloud services, if you lose your data it’s simply a matter of accessing it from the internet and reloading it onto your computer or merely accessing it remotely.


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