When it comes to running a business, any sort of downtime is going to affect the company’s bottom line. Multi-national companies spend millions of dollars a year implementing strategies to reduce downtime within their companies. A small to medium business may not have this sort of budget, but there are ways of reducing downtime in your business and we are going to take a look at one of the best methods to achieve this outcome.

IT managed services.


What Are IT Managed Services?

Basically it means an IT company will take over and manage all your IT services for your business for a fixed monthly cost. This leaves you and your business free to take care of business and not manage IT issues and solutions. You IT services company will do this for you.


Remote Monitoring

When you are having you IT system managed by an IT services company, they will monitor your systems 24/7 and know as soon as an issue or problem arises. They will be onto it and sort the issue out quickly and efficiently. Having your system and data networking monitored like this reduces business downtime due to the expediency of the fix and recovery of your IT systems. Studies show that networking systems that were not remotely monitored took, on average, 96% longer to repair than those on a monitored system. That’s a huge saving on downtime.


IT Support

Your IT services company is only a phone call or email away should you need them, and will usually have a tech on your premises ASAP to solve any computer-related and networking issues. This is more cost effective than having a fulltime tech on the payroll, and your IT services tech will have a full understanding of your system, enabling a quick resolution to the problem.


Save On Staff Training

Instead of having to train staff or employ IT staff on a fulltime basis to look after your IT system, when you have it managed remotely by an IT services company, you will save money both on wages and training costs. Sometimes a particular issue only ever arises once, and it seems pointless hiring a fully trained employee in the unlikely event that this particular problem occurs. With IT managed services, you call in a specialised tech only when needed.


IT Managed Services Gold Coast

For IT managed services on the Gold Coast, look no further than iMSP. We manage IT systems for businesses all over the Gold Coast and Logan areas. Our expert services include the following:

  • Cloud Services
  • VoIP
  • Data Networking & 24/7 Monitoring
  • Internet Solutions
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • IT Managed Services & Support
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Wide Scale Wi-Fi Rollouts
  • Virtualisation Services
  • Server Builds and Maintenance
  • Apple Support