Email Hosting

Email hosting services are used by small to medium businesses to ensure that their business brand is professional and memorable.

Why Should I Pay For Email Hosting?

iMSP understands how important it is for you to have your own business branded email. It can seem unprofessional to your customers if your small to medium business uses a generic Gmail or Hotmail email addresses instead of a business branded address.

How can iMSP help me with Email Hosting?

iMSP has Email Hosting packages available that will give our clients a broad range of options to create and manage their internal email addresses. All of our email hosting service packages come with secure POP access so popular email clients such as Microsoft Exchange are supported, as well as other popular email clients such as Gmail.

iMSP can also take care of your spam and virus protection, to give your business that extra protection against the myriad of viruses and annoying spam emails that are continually trying to take up your time or worse, take your data!
The iMSP email hosting services also offer convenient webmail access which means you can access your emails when you’re not in your office.
To discuss the iMSP email hosting service options with one of our consultants, call our Gold Coast office today!
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