VoIP (or Voice Over IP) has been around for quite some time now and uses the internet to deliver voice conversations rather than a standard telephone line or signal. So what are the advantages and benefits of using a VoIP system for communication over a phone system?


You Can Save Money

Saving money on phone calls – particularly international calls – is a massive benefit of VoIP. By bypassing public switched telephone networks and using the internet or private data network lines to send and receive calls, this leads to massive savings for businesses in many ways. Far cheaper call rates for one and less telephone equipment needed. In big corporations, which may employ people solely to manage their voice systems, using VoIP is another area where costs can be drastically reduced.



You can access your VoIP system from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. VoIP also allows you to take your phone number with your anywhere you go, unlike a conventional phone number issued through a phone company. You move house and you either have to apply to have the number move with you, or you get issued a new landline number and have to notify everyone you know of the change. Not so with VoIP.


Integration With Other Applications

VoIP protocols allow integration with other applications, such as:

  • Email
  • Web browser
  • Instant messenger
  • Social networking
  • Voicemail delivery via email
  • Voice call button in an email
  • Voice call button on a website



One-on- one phone calls are not the only thing VoIP is capable of doing. You are able to conduct video conference calls through your VoIP phone, allowing those who are travelling or working remotely to be able to stay in touch with colleagues in a virtual “group” situation. This is a huge plus for business people on the go. Virtual faxing is also possible via a VoIP system.


It’s Easy To Install, Configure And Maintain

To get a VoIP system you don’t need a tech from the phone company to come out (eventually) to run a phone line and set up your VoIP system. The installation and configuration process is quite simple and you can be ready to go relatively quickly. You don’t need any VoIP hardware other than IP phones.


Chat To The VoIP Experts

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